Monday, June 7, 2010

Washing Day

Taking advantage of being all alone on a semi-sunny Saturday morning, I dug all my unwashed fleece out of the shed. I only have a smallish bag of Jacob and a giant bag of Gulf Coast left with a few very small bags of dark Romney. I felt a small wave of panic as I really thought I had more.

Then I remembered the 9 pounds of Cormo tucked away in the living room.

I decided to tackle a small bit of the precious Cormo first so I pulled a few layers apart and loosely stuffed it into 3 net bags. I stuffed it into my former crab pot for a good soak on the stove in soapy hot water.

After one washing it still looks pretty yucky, but I think most of that dirt is going to fall out after a good combing. At least I hope so.

Who would think that spending a Saturday picking poo out of wool would be the best day ever?


  1. Only people similarly afflictd with wool fver.

  2. I really can spell, it's typing I havep problems with! It should have read "fever".

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  4. Seems I can't type either. I am blaming the keyboard!
    I meant to say that no matter how you spell it-I am glad to have fiber fever!