Thursday, June 3, 2010

Labor of Love

Just a few months shy of their 50th wedding anniversary, my parents were parted by the death of my mother from a particularly evil type of leukemia. Eight awful years have passed since those terrible days and life has rarely been worth living for my dear old dad.

Always the crafty kind of guy, he has recently turned his attention to some scraps he found in my mom's sewing box. They are the remnants of maternity tops my mom had made almost 30 years ago for her 3 daughters in anticipation of a soon-to-be house full of grandchildren. In his too quiet house, he spends his lonely days paper piecing them into a Grandma's Garden quilt.
Doesn't it just break your heart?


  1. You were right, it's sad. I cried!

  2. The circle of life.....sniff.

  3. Definitely a big tug of my heart strings. My biggest fear is being left behind (out-living my husband). Your dad must feel your mom's presence while working with the fabric. It's obvious the love he felt for her.

  4. What a lovely way to continue your mother's legacy