Friday, June 4, 2010


Taking a break from a room full of first graders for 30 lovely minutes is my reward each day for the 2 and 1/2 hours I spend each morning trying to convince 6-year-olds that learning to read and write is really in their best interest. The Prodigy and I have been putting those few minutes to very good use.

This is a batt The Prodigy dyed and then overdyed resulting in some really lovely mulberry colored singles she is spinning. And I mean really spinning. She passed the "park and draft" stage in only a couple of weeks and is now letting the spindle actually drop. I am so impressed. That took me almost a year to master.

This is her first ball of newly plied yarn from her first attempt at spinning EVER. Jeesh. My first ball of yarn looked know. If you spin, you know that for most people that first tiny sample defies a single description. It is a cross between overspun rope and the stuff you find in the top of medicine bottles. This, on the other hand, is perfectly wonderful for someone's first attempt EVER. Now she wants to learn to chain ply. For real.

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