Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summertime Blues

I am a teacher. I get summers off. For one day it is a good thing. You relax on that blissful first day and think happily about all the free time to come. On the second day the pressure begins to mount. The summer projects that are so easily started in the spring start to call out. I like to work on EVERYTHING for at least a few minutes a day and when I am still working the guilts don't hit very hard if something gets left out for a day or two. In the summer however, I find myself frantic by 3:00 in the afternoon if I have not put in my obligatory knitting and spinning time. I watch the clock anxiously each day timing each "event" so that I can manage chores and projects. On this chair are all the little jobs I have planned out for this summer minus the sock blank that just showed up in the mailbox this afternoon and the fair isle cardigan that is napping until the color I need arrives. I really hate when summer projects turn into fall projects so I better get to work and stop playing around with the computer all morning or I won't make today's deadline. Crap. I always wonder as the new school year begins how I ever managed to fit in a full time job with my full time life.

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