Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dyeing to Get Started

My Knit Picks sock blank is now in technicolor. I love it. Of course I started off by making a huge mistake. In my haste, I forgot to soak it which did not let the dye penetrate all the way through the double strands. As a result, I will probably get a lot of colorful specks surrounded by a lot of white when it is unraveled to be knit up into socks. I am trying to explain to myself, how, after reading everything possible about this technique and even watching the video tutorials I could overlook such an important instruction. The brain was on overload, I suppose, as I cleared out the kitchen and gathered up everything I needed. It became apparent that I had goofed when the first colors beaded up and just sat there on the surface in fat little bubbles. Spray bottle to the rescue. I then kneaded that thing like a wad of dough pushing as much color as I could through to the other side. It's not so terrible. I like it in spite of its imperfections which is odd. I will rip back a month's worth of knitting to correct an error but this is somehow very different. This is not someone else's pattern I am trying to master by knitting it as perfectly as they did. This is mine. All mine.

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  1. Dear Araignee,

    Your sock blank is absolutely stunning! I am so jealous of your color combination. I'm always challenged to get three colors to look good together and look at what you accomplished!! Have you joined either the Ravelry Sock Blank Artist's group or our Knit Picks Community Knit-A-Long. I would love to have other knitters see your work! And, see how it looks when it is knit up.

    I can't believe you were able to stop at just one. I find the darn things to be ridiculously addictive once I start playing with colors.

    Thanks again for a new idea for dyeing!

    Kelley Petkun