Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paper Piecing

We have had more than two weeks of rain here so the chance to work with some color is more than exciting.

Daddio's tumbler quilt is all together and edged with half tumblers but now I want to add a straight row before the binding.

I went to the online paper piecing store and bought some 2 inch x 4 inch rectangles.

Why not just sew on a border from a strip of material like you would with a regular quilt top? Because there are no seam allowances on the paper pieces so I would lose most of the pretty little half tumbler edge if I did. As for that color, I pulled out Daddio's fabric stash and went for the brightest color I could find because that's what he always did. He wasn't timid about mixing patterns and colors so I tried to keep it all in the spirit of the designer. I can't wait to finish it and take it for him to see. I bet he remembers this one.


  1. Beautiful quilt!!! I agree this one just might spark his memory but even if it doesn't,you will always have it as a memory of all your quilting times together.

  2. I love the bright colors and pretty patterns. The yellow border will be perfect.

  3. It's really lovely. I love the colors and I like the idea of the rectangular border to not lose the other pieces at the edging. Gorgeous.

  4. As you know I'm all about yellow lately!! Love that quilt

  5. It's a beauty! The border is just right for this quilt; it's worth the extra work. I'm sure he will love the feel of the quilt on his lap!