Monday, April 26, 2010

Half and Half

So far, I have made a ton of fingering weight yarn out of my mystery wool batts and there is still more to ply. My big plan, before I learned to chain ply, was to spin them all in a striped order resulting in large blocks of color-but that is not exactly what happened. The overlap of colors was not as small as I imagined so it wasn't long before all I had was a barber pole blend.

As usual, the wool knows better than I do, so the colors actually look better where they mix. Unfortunately however, I now have half a skein of solid colored wool and half a skein of stripes. What in the world is this destined to become?


  1. wow! what a work! It seems like verrrrry complicate. Did you make it by hand or machine?

  2. All by hand. It took me most of the winter to spin all the singles.