Monday, April 12, 2010

Digital Camera-Less

Who is the giant idiot who forgot their digital camera was charging when she picked up the laptop causing the camera to hit the floor and break? That would be me. This weekend I managed to finish the Swallowtail and now I have no way to capture the blocking process. I took a fuzzy pre-blocking snap with my phone but it's certainly not the quality I would want for so monumental a project. Having said that, I can already see that I will disappointed in the results of yet another handspun lace effort. This may be the thinnest yarn that I have spun so far, but it still lacks the ethereal gossamer quality of true lace weight-though it would have made great sock yarn. I am also still not loving the colors with this pattern. You can't even see the nepps. Today after work I will have to stop somewhere and pick up another camera. Until then I am rolling this thing back up and packing it away.

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