Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gathering Dust

My two spinning wheels are seriously in danger of becoming nothing more than objet d'art.

These two projects have been languishing on the wheels since LAST SUMMER.

Ugh. This pink and green Finn Top, that I bought at last year's Sheep and Wool Fest, looks more like someone's insides than wool. Why did I buy pink? I can't even remember why I started spinning this in the first place.

Even worse, my pretty little Merino sample is going to turn out to be not enough to do anything with.

This is all I have left from a 4 ounce bag of unwashed fleece that I had so much fun washing and combing this summer.

I suppose the lesson learned here is that I am not very good at spinning just for the sake of making yarn. Unless there is a specific project planned for the yarn-to-be it drops way down on the To Do list. It's a wonder the moths have not made a meal of it yet.


  1. I'm learning, too. In this month that I've rented a wheel, if a project just isn't working for me, I wind it off into a skein and store it. There's no point in keeping full bobbins you're never going to use. ;)

  2. Sounds like a plan. That pink stuff has got to go.