Monday, February 8, 2010

The Cure for Cabin Fever

While sitting and watching the snow fall on Saturday, I got a pretty good start on that Trinity Stitch hat I saw on someone's head in Ikea the other day. I have made one before without great success as it turned out ENORMOUS. I have modified the original pattern to exclude the extreme slouchiness and hopefully will have just enough room in the top to fit my old lady bun/topknot. I hate wearing my hair down with a hat. Hate it.

I also managed to spindle up another bobbin of the Merino that I am in desperate need of to finish my Swallowtail. I am actually experiencing sore fingers from all the intense spindling on this project. I have been tempted to see if I could duplicate this weight on one of my wheels but so far I have not caved in to the temptation. If this turns out to not be near enough to finish however, that wheel may just get try. May 1st is right around the corner although it is hard to believe looking out the window right now.

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