Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On the Fly

 This early into the Tour, I can tell I'm not going to get much done. Instead of fretting over it, I've decided to go in another direction. Instead of quantity, I'm going for quality as in learning to do some new things better.  That mess up there is my recent attempt to learn to "ply on the fly".

 My goodness, that is some sorry looking yarn. I tried this years ago with the same poor results but I am still fascinated with the technique.

 I've got tons of lovely thin roving to practice with so why not give it another go.

 The dealio is to spin and ply all at the same time.

You make a long single, wind it off onto your fingers, find the last loop that separates plied yarn from the single, ply it from that point and keep repeating. It's not easy. You've got to get the spin just right or it all untwists and falls apart. That's why it's so lumpy and bumpy. Getting an even tension is going to take some practice. I am also using a larger and heavier spindle that I am used to so I can collect enough yarn during the Tour to make a simple mitt or two. Maybe. I've got some lofty Olympic knitting goals for it. Let's see if I can deliver.


  1. I have never understood how a drop spindle works at all, so your results look great to me my friend!

  2. Sounds interesting but complicated. Good luck!

  3. Maybe once it is knit up it all works out . . . sort of like Noro.

  4. So, it's kind of like Navajo plying except you are doing it as soon as you have a yard of single? Never heard of it but will be interested if you can perfect your technique! Looks like a fun roving to practice on!

    1. Yep. I saw someone doing it on YouTube.

  5. There are a number of thick & thin yarns out there. Good for you for your perseverence!

  6. You are always learning. GOOD Girl

  7. Whoa! That really requires coordination! You go girl.

  8. Good heavens it's like reading a foreign language!! Looks fun ? I think ;)

  9. Well look at that! Super cool. I love that you're embracing the learning process. :) I think I would struggle with all sorts of spinning and plying.

  10. I can't seem to master navajo plying on my wheel and I've never used a spindle so I know I couldn't ply on the fly. Sounds pretty cool though.

  11. I think what your doing looks wonderful, I wish you tons of luck.