Monday, May 16, 2011

Tweet, Tweet

If I want to get to all that new stuff I bought at the Festival I have to get the old stuff out of the way. Note to self: Don't start new projects in April. As much as I wanted to dive into the pretty new fiber, I had to make myself sit down and prepare that Easter egg dyed fiber for spinning instead.

All that handling during the dyeing process was NOT a good thing. Not at all. The fiber was so compacted, it couldn't be drafted. Polwarth is so fine a wool that it must felt very easily. I was not too far from having nothing but a giant felted snake. Not good.

I had to carefully pull it apart into little sections and pre-draft the heck out of it to open it up enough to spin.

Now I have a box of fluffy little bird nests to spin but any plans for doing interesting things with the colors is now out the window.

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