Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Red

There is nothing like having to try on a giant red wool sweater about a million times in late August. I have spent the past two days working very hard to get this thing DONE and setting in the sleeves is the last critical step. I hate sewing together my knitted pieces. Most knitters do. People who like to knit are usually not people who like to sew but unless your goal is to create a big pile of sweater parts, sewing eventually becomes necessary. So does trying on the garment. You can work months, even years on a project only to find that the damn thing doesn't fit or worse-looks awful on you. Lucky me. Big Red fits right down to those crazy over-sized sleeve cuffs. I am not totally loving the collar though. It looks a bit like Count Dracula's. I can either reknit it or hide it with a big scarf. I'm going with the scarf.

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