Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traveling Pi Shawl

Traveling is always quality knitting time. Lots of waiting around, especially on car trips. I used my time wisely to get an inch or so of edging on my beloved pi shawl project. I am so happy I decided to stick to EZ's original gull stitch edging as it is an easy pattern to knit while semi-distracted. I am using a piece of pink cotton to help me keep track of the stitch count. I had several mistakes with missed yarnovers and it was NO FUN tinking back so to reduce my chances of error I decided to (gulp) count each and every 7 stitch repeat in the 500 plus stitch round. I have no idea why but it feels like a quick knit. It's hard to believe I am already on the border. What is 500 stitches times 48 rows? 24,000? Can that be right? And that is the count only for the final band of stitches. Where are earth did I find the time to do that much knitting?

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