Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cracker Soup

This has been the week of giant screw ups. Lots of knitting boo boos-and now this. A pot full of matzo balls that disintegrated as soon as they hit the boiling broth. I am the queen of matzo balls but today my skill failed me completely and I removed the lid to find..oh my god... cracker soup. Tasty, but unappealing in it's clotted mess. Matzo balls should be like pasta, al dente, firm to the teeth, not something that melts in your mouth. It all had to be tossed overboard, off the deck into the woods for the foxes to feast on. The second try is pictured above and this time I remembered to count the eggs in the matzo meal before adding the seltzer. I was too lazy to do a proper chop job on the veggies however, so I've invented chunky matzo stew.

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